Create an Online Course With Our E Learning Software from PowerPoint. . . or Notes on a Napkin!

ppt2web2Have you wondered how to create an online course from your PowerPoint presentations, hand written notes, or other documents?

Would these materials turned into online courses (web courses) revolutionize your work? Do you have a PowerPoint presentation “collecting digital dust” because of your inability to find time to train with it?

Do people in your organization, for some reason, not show up for training? Could you improve your “reach” if you could create an online course and make it accessible to those you serve?

These unresolved issues and problems can create risk and cause loss of your program’s impact. But there is a super-simple answer with our E Learning Software

Your solution is the PowerPoint to Web Course Service. We will create an online course using our E learning software and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.Your employees and other audiences will now train from your Web site. When you create an online course with, you own and control your Web course. You can even make money, charge fees, and recoup your costs (which are low!) You can email anyone the “start” link directly and when they click it, the training launches from your Web site!

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 1.09.53 PMGet Out There! Your web based courses can include professional narration, test questions, automatic answer-check features, your downloadable handouts of any length, and a personalized, time-stamped, printable certificate of completion for the learner. Everything uploads right from the CD we send to you. Your E learning software is completely self contained. We can also let you download the finished product. Create a button on your Web site, upload the course, and you’re done! You receive three formats of your course: Restricted (learner can’t skip frames), unrestricted (learn can go forward/backward or skip sections.) We also give you a portable CD for your laptop so you can do live training just a PowerPoint!
ppt2web1What’s In Your Computer? Customized web courses are not expensive, and you own them outright upon completion. Make online courses for anything under the sun — alcohol-drug awareness, safety, orientation, stress management, policies and regulations training, supervisory training, new employee orientation, wellness? What’s in your computer? Complete the form below and let us use our E learning software get you training inside your organization—fast.

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