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Why PowerPoint is the right choice for learning

Why PowerPoint is the right choice for learning

PowerPoint has been used effectively in the classroom by teachers for some time now. PowerPoint enables the teacher to make the lessons more interesting and easy for the students to understand by allowing presentations which are much more modern and effective than the conventional blackboard teaching.

Why it is popular?

PowerPoint has become very popular for learning because of it is widely available and a tool for easy learning. It provides the options of fortifying the lessons with images, animations, sounds, videos and many more such things. As it is well known that visual lessons are easier to grasp for the students, the PowerPoint presentations of the various topics are beneficial for them. The teacher can freely interact with the students because no time is wasted on writing on the blackboard. The PowerPoint file contains the entire text and presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are not merely confined to teachers. The students also create their own presentations which not only enhances their public speaking abilities but also teaches them the ways to use visual aids.

There is no complex way to learn PowerPoint. The program comes with a tutorial. This is accessed by clicking the help part of the tool box. The cyber world is also replete with many articles where many nuances of PowerPoint can be easily learnt. There are many websites which offer complete tutorials for using PowerPoint. There are also many websites where one can get access to many types of pictures, videos and sounds for free. Microsoft also offers a free PowerPoint viewer which enable the users to view presentations made on any computer in the past many years.

Many school buy the cheaper version of the PowerPoint software but Microsoft offers reduced price to the educational institutes who buy multiple copies of the software.

Blackboards have always been the dominant tool of teaching over the decades but the modern tools of learning such as PowerPoint are the best for enhancing the learning ability of the students. The technology invested in PowerPoint is beneficial for the students. This is not to say that the traditional methods of teaching and the skills of a teacher have been rendered irrelevant. A teacher should not become complacent due to the presence of technology. PowerPoint can only aid the teacher and students but cannot replace the methods of teaching that have evolved over centuries. Technology like PowerPoint, however have brought a paradigm shift in the classroom.

Transform Powerpoint Presentations into E-learning

Transform Powerpoint Presentations into E-learning

Throughout our academic career we give away deliverables in the form of powerpoint presentations which is usually pulled off by hours of our effort of research and tiresome decorations to make our presentation elegant, informative and yet concise. The day after we are done with our presentation, the knowledge incorporated in the presentation finds its graveyard in whatever the folder of our computer it resides in. On the contrary, the multitude of options present in the contemporary world has a wide range of scenarios to offer . The most powerful option available is to transform our powerpoint presentations into an e-learning course. Whatever knowledge that has been integrated in our presentation can be imparted to those who are yearning to gain the same . The road of transforming our powerpoint presentations into e-learning courses will help with narrowing the distances between the imparter and the gainer.

Tips for transformation into an interactive e-learning course?

We can always start by gathering all the presentations available with us beforehand. Once we are done assembling, editing of our presentations has the largest role to play once the transformation will happen. The interactivity, crispiness and effectiveness of our e-learning course will largely be manipulated in terms of the approach of our editing of the presentation. Measures like encompassing real life examples and scenarios, questions in the form which can be self evaluated and arranging the contents of the presentation in proper sequence which will facilitate quick learning should be the pre-requisite condition with the creators of the presentation such that the transformed e-learning course comes out handy. Additionally, an overview of the contents can be installed which can offer the learners with the flexibility to navigate through the course at their pleasure. Each and every slide of the presentation should be aimed at increasing the interactivity of the learner with the e-learning course.

A wide array of automated online tools are available to carry out this process of transformation with minimal effort. The powerpoint presentations should be designed in a manner such that the output is overwhelming for the learner and allow the knowledge to triumph at the end of every day by sharing it with those in need of it. The dimensions of this approach are unparalleled as sky is the limit to the range of knowledge which can be offered and imparted with this methodology.Change is the law of nature and adaptability is the art of survival. Embracing this new age of technology of e-learning is the calling change and to endure with this approach is adaptability.

Power point tips and tricks

Power point tips and tricks

Power point presentations are widely used by professionals and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the career graph of many professionals have been determined by the quality of their presentation. Teachers and professors also use PowerPoint presentations for lectures to make their classes more effective in imparting knowledge to the students. Business men also use PowerPoint presentations to impress their clients regarding various business proposals. There are some tricks and tips which can be used to enhance the quality of a PowerPoint presentation and make it stand out among others.

Some tips to enhance the PowerPoint presentation

There is a misconception among many people that the stock slide size is the only standard option. This is not the case because there is an option of creating custom sized slides. The ways comprise of opening the file, choosing page setup, typing the height and width which one wants in inches or pixels and finally clicking ok to get the desired slide size.

The stock templates may not according to the choice of many people. A custom slide that can be used as a template can be created using a master editor. The method includes selecting the themes tab, clicking edit master on the far right side followed by the slide master. The template is edited according to choice prior to clicking close master. This will alter all the current and future slides to the slide created and customize the PowerPoint presentation according to one’s liking and choice.

Formatting the image on the presentation which imparts luster to a plain image is possible. Right clicking on the image and selecting format option will result in the appearance of a box on the right hand side consisting of formatting options. One can do anything with the picture to turn it into a more interesting picture. The graphics can be aligned easily using the built in features. In order to do this all one needs to do is select the objects by clicking on one and pressing shift to select all of them. At the top, one needs to find and click ‘align’, it may also be named ‘distribute’. Finally, whatever alignment is required can be chosen.

Custom animation can be created. The process involves going to the animation tab, clicking on the down arrow in the animation gallery box until the custom path is visible. After selecting custom path, the new animation can be drawn and tested. If one masters this process, there is no need to use the standard animations.

How to use powerpoint on your mobile device

How to use PowerPoint on your mobile device

With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, now you can use your mobile phones as a source to carry out your presentations very easily. You can open any of your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and then make the changes as per your requirement very easily. You can also add any notes that you want in your slideshow right from using your smartphone. If there is any presentations that are broadcasted online, then you can watch it online from your mobile device as well. You just need to visit office hub in order to get started with it.

Let us learn how to use an existing PowerPoint presentation

  • You need to scroll to your screen where you can find office app and then start it. Next you need to do the follow procedure.
  • You must flick to the document that has to be opened and then tap on the presentation.
  • Now you need to flick to the documents and then click on search box. Within the text bar of the search box, you need to type the name of the presentation that has to be opened. It would show the result and then you can tap on it to open it.
  • Now you need to flick to the locations, just do a gentle tap on the locations to the section of the storage where you are storing the presentation and then you need to tap on the presentation. It will be within your phone storage such as Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive or on a Microsoft SharePoint website.

If you want to add any notes inside a presentation here is the procedure:

You can open the presentation from any of the storage sources such as OneDrive etc… That is set up on your phone. You can also open a presentation that has been sent by someone via email as well. Now when you have opened the presentation, you can tap on notes from within the app and then enter the notes that you want to add to the presentation. However, there are some features that would not be supported on phone and that would be displayed in a different manner.

If you want any presentation to be accessed very quickly, then you can easily pin the presentation to the start. Just open the document and hold on the presentation, you would get options to choose and there you can choose Pin to start and it would be added onto you start of the phone for easy access.

How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into an Elearning Course

How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into an ELearning Course

One among the major requirements on the market by many organizations would be to convert their PowerPoint presentations into an effective eLearning course. But there are different type of presentations that would be required for conversion and each of the types would require a considerable amount of time in order to be converted completely. For instance, if the presentation that has to be converted is created in order to provide a great level of support during live interactions with the learners then it would not be so easily converted with just a mere click. In order to convert such type of interactive eLearning courses, one must follow some of the basic instructional design strategies of eLearning.

Converting the presentations using tools

With the incorporation of such type of learning design principles, you must get some good support from images, audio, interactivities and video along with other media elements. Hence there is a demand for using a rapid authoring tool that can facilitate incorporation of such type of elements into the courses that you want without having any knowledge of programing. However, there are some very popular type of tools on the market that can help you covert your PowerPoint presentation into an effective eLearning course as per the requirements that you have in mind. Let us go through each one of them and understand what you can get from them precisely with conversion.

Articulate storyline:

This tools is used when there is a requirement of converting any PowerPoint presentation into an interactive as well as visual rich course for eLearning to be completed within a short period. There are many features that can be used to make the courses very much interactive as well. There are some very useful templates and features that can make the process of conversion into an effective eLearning course easy. Hence it’s considered to be an ideal choice for many eLearning developers on the market.

Articulate studio 13

This tool would provide an option for users to add engaging interactivities, flash videos, interactive quizzes, screencasts and animations into the presentations. Using this tool, we are able to develop the desired type of course directly in PowerPoint by making use of this tool.

Adobe presenter

It another mesmerizing and popular authoring tool that can make the process of conversion from presentation into an interactive eLearning course very easily. There are wide range of assessments of interactive designs that can be used with this tool.


You can use any of these tools and get the desired type of eLearning course with interactivities as well.


How to be more successful using PowerPoint

How to be more successful using PowerPoint

A staggering amount of PowerPoint presentations are made every year. There are many such presentations which are tagged ‘boring’ which does not impress the audience and can become a serious deterrent to a successful career especially for professionals who have to constantly present their ideas and work in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Everyone wants their presentation to be more interesting which engages the attention of the audience, precise without beating about the bush and effective in communicating the message that one wants to get through to the people. There are many ways by which one can become very successful by the virtue of creating fabulous presentations.

Different ways to an effective PowerPoint presentation

The first thing to consider prior to creating the presentation is the age, occupation, income and the type of people for whom the presentation is being created. This will help in making the presentation more effective. The message should be designed in such a way that it is easily understandable. The main components of such a message are specificity of the message, measurable, achievable, realistic and time driven. Elaborate presentation which does not seem to be realistic should be avoided at all costs. The message should be simple and should let the audience know its core meaning in a single phrase. The message should always be backed by evidence. The most important features of the presentation should be understood by everyone.

The presentation should be sub-divided into three constituents just like an English essay. The introduction should deal with the aim of the presentation, the reason of its validity and the benefits of the solution which the presentation presents to the audience. The body should consist of the core message followed by the key sub-messages which are backed by evidence. Every sub-message should be assigned a separate slide. The ending should exhort the audience to do exactly as the presentation has suggested and the benefits associated with it.

The layout to convey the message should be clean so that nobody has any difficulty in grasping the meaning of the message. There should be a good balance between text and visuals. The colors and fonts used should relevant to the company and the message being conveyed. The slides should not become too long to confuse the audience. They should be short and precisely on target.

There are many other ways of becoming highly successful by judicious and effective use of PowerPoint presentation.

Converting Powerpoint Files

Converting PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint has become a very powerful tool for various purposes and for business it has some very powerful benefits. With its latest upgrades there are plenty of things that can be done using PowerPoint for business and for personal use as well. If you are wondering about converting your PowerPoint files and sending it to another person or company and do not want any of your information to be edited, then you can easily covert your presentation into any format that you want. One of the most popular format is considered to be PDF and let us learn on how to convert your presentation into PDF file format.

Converting your presentation into other formats

It is very easy to convert your PowerPoint presentation into other formats, especially into PDF as its very commonly used format in both business and personal sector. You can find lots of programs that would be able to help you convert your presentation but one of the best you can find on the market is considered to be adobe acrobat. You would be able to convert your presentation very easily and it would take very less time to convert it as well. Though you can find plenty of third party applications, most of them would require purchase and few would leave watermark after conversion. But adobe acrobat is free to use and you can convert your file very easily.

How to convert your presentation using tools

When you are using a powerful tool such as adobe acrobat, you would have to open the application. Then you need to click File from its menu bar. You would get a drop down list. And from there you can choose covert. Now you would be provided with a new pop up window, asking for the selection of the presentation file location. In the same window, you can choose the format to which your file must be converted into. You can click on the formats and a drop down list would open providing you with a list of options with formats to choose from. You can choose the one that you need and then select it. Now you need to provide the destination for the converted file to be stored in your computer. Once it’s selected all you need to do is hit covert button that you are going to find on the same pop up window.

The selected presentation would be converted into the format you want at the location that you have selected.

5 Way to share your power point presentation

5 Way to share your power point presentation

There are various methods that you can find to share your presentation made using PowerPoint. But not everyone would be the best hence here are some top 5 ways in which you can share your presentation to those you intend to share.

  1. You can use presentation hosting service

There are plenty of web 2.0 oriented slide hosting services that you can find on the internet in order to upload your presentation and then share your presentation without losing the quality of it or any implications with security. The best aspect of this method is that, this scenario would make it very easy for remote presentation. Since the service would be browser based and there is no need for any employ of proprietary server of your own or you need to deal with any issues with bandwidth.

  1. You can make a video of your presentation

Here is one nifty option that would be able to target larger audience worldwide. You just need to convert your presentation into a video and then you can use some of the very popular video channels such as YouTube, video motion etc…There are some of the best custom converters such as wondershare, River, Movavi etc… that you can use for free of cost. Once you are done, just hit publish and choose the video channel you need to publish them without any hitch.

  1. You can convert your presentation into a Flash or Html5 and embed it

Do you feel like using some of the much better flexible formats? Then you can consider about using Flash or Html5. There are many free converters over online that can help you with the conversion of your PowerPoint presentation into a Flash or Html5 file. Just make sure to check for the quality that is produced after conversion and then you can embed it. You can also check for the reviews of the tools before using them to be on safer side.

  1. Sharing using an LMS

All those who are within educational sphere would consider for an LMS. It’s basically a service that is used for the administration as well as delivery of training programs and education courses. You can get features like online collaboration for regular feedback as well as knowledge transfer as well.

  1. Sharing your source file

The last and least level of sophisticated method would be to sharing your source file. This is also the very highly popular method with its own pros and cons. You can upload your file on Google drive or Dropbox and share the link of it to those you intend to provide the presentation.

5 best ways to share a PowerPoint presentation online

5 best ways to share a PowerPoint presentation online

The commonly encountered question after a PowerPoint presentation is the demand for a copy of the presentation. The common response is to pass the sources to the organizers. The slides that the presenter created for the project may not be viewed again by anyone. Professional presenters, developers, teachers etc. can present a fantastic PowerPoint presentation to the audience gathered at the auditorium or a hall but it is limited to the people who have actually attended the event, there are many people who can make good use of the findings mentioned in the presentation but have not attended the event and are ignorant of its content. Sharing the presentation online means that it can have a wider outreach and reach a large number of people at the same time.

Presentation hosting

There are many web 2.0 based slide hosting services where the presentation can be uploaded without any hassles. It is browser based and there is no need to use a propriety server. Administrative tools are provided by most hosting providers which help in keeping track of the presentations that have been uploaded.

Lms sharing

Lms is a service for delivery of educational programs. Many times they have features for online sharing which enables transfer of knowledge and promotes regular feedback. Lms demonstrates slides and collects other informations such as completing tasks and passing tests. The users need an account or contact number which makes the sessions secure. All these features make it an ideal platform for educational purposes.

Making a video

The presentation can be converted to a video format and uploaded on you tube. This attracts comments and likes and many other reviews. The video can be made by using any converter such as River, Wondershare etc. The video can be uploaded to you tube by clicking ‘publish’. The video link can be shared on the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter.

Converting file to html5 or flash

Html5 or flash can be downloaded on all the devices and browsers. It provides more ways to share the files online.

Downloading original file

The simplest method is to upload the PowerPoint presentation to Dropbox or Google drive and sharing the link with others. The problems associated with this method is that users who do not have PowerPoint would not be able to access the file. If the user has an older version of PowerPoint, it can result in the loss of important features. Security risk is also great with this method.