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5 best ways to share a PowerPoint presentation online

5 best ways to share a PowerPoint presentation online

The commonly encountered question after a PowerPoint presentation is the demand for a copy of the presentation. The common response is to pass the sources to the organizers. The slides that the presenter created for the project may not be viewed again by anyone. Professional presenters, developers, teachers etc. can present a fantastic PowerPoint presentation to the audience gathered at the auditorium or a hall but it is limited to the people who have actually attended the event, there are many people who can make good use of the findings mentioned in the presentation but have not attended the event and are ignorant of its content. Sharing the presentation online means that it can have a wider outreach and reach a large number of people at the same time.

Presentation hosting

There are many web 2.0 based slide hosting services where the presentation can be uploaded without any hassles. It is browser based and there is no need to use a propriety server. Administrative tools are provided by most hosting providers which help in keeping track of the presentations that have been uploaded.

Lms sharing

Lms is a service for delivery of educational programs. Many times they have features for online sharing which enables transfer of knowledge and promotes regular feedback. Lms demonstrates slides and collects other informations such as completing tasks and passing tests. The users need an account or contact number which makes the sessions secure. All these features make it an ideal platform for educational purposes.

Making a video

The presentation can be converted to a video format and uploaded on you tube. This attracts comments and likes and many other reviews. The video can be made by using any converter such as River, Wondershare etc. The video can be uploaded to you tube by clicking ‘publish’. The video link can be shared on the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter.

Converting file to html5 or flash

Html5 or flash can be downloaded on all the devices and browsers. It provides more ways to share the files online.

Downloading original file

The simplest method is to upload the PowerPoint presentation to Dropbox or Google drive and sharing the link with others. The problems associated with this method is that users who do not have PowerPoint would not be able to access the file. If the user has an older version of PowerPoint, it can result in the loss of important features. Security risk is also great with this method.