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5 Way to share your power point presentation

5 Way to share your power point presentation

There are various methods that you can find to share your presentation made using PowerPoint. But not everyone would be the best hence here are some top 5 ways in which you can share your presentation to those you intend to share.

  1. You can use presentation hosting service

There are plenty of web 2.0 oriented slide hosting services that you can find on the internet in order to upload your presentation and then share your presentation without losing the quality of it or any implications with security. The best aspect of this method is that, this scenario would make it very easy for remote presentation. Since the service would be browser based and there is no need for any employ of proprietary server of your own or you need to deal with any issues with bandwidth.

  1. You can make a video of your presentation

Here is one nifty option that would be able to target larger audience worldwide. You just need to convert your presentation into a video and then you can use some of the very popular video channels such as YouTube, video motion etc…There are some of the best custom converters such as wondershare, River, Movavi etc… that you can use for free of cost. Once you are done, just hit publish and choose the video channel you need to publish them without any hitch.

  1. You can convert your presentation into a Flash or Html5 and embed it

Do you feel like using some of the much better flexible formats? Then you can consider about using Flash or Html5. There are many free converters over online that can help you with the conversion of your PowerPoint presentation into a Flash or Html5 file. Just make sure to check for the quality that is produced after conversion and then you can embed it. You can also check for the reviews of the tools before using them to be on safer side.

  1. Sharing using an LMS

All those who are within educational sphere would consider for an LMS. It’s basically a service that is used for the administration as well as delivery of training programs and education courses. You can get features like online collaboration for regular feedback as well as knowledge transfer as well.

  1. Sharing your source file

The last and least level of sophisticated method would be to sharing your source file. This is also the very highly popular method with its own pros and cons. You can upload your file on Google drive or Dropbox and share the link of it to those you intend to provide the presentation.