About Power Point To Web

Guaranteed to Preserve All PowerPoint Effects

The AccuPoint and HyperPoint technologies developed by iSpring engineers convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash, HTML5, and video with the highest accuracy.

Animations and Triggers
PPT2Web perfectly converts 189 of 199 animations available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013. PPT2Web keeps all standard animation effects, as well as effect combinations, triggers and timings.

Transition Effects
PPT2Web supports all 47 transition effects available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013. After conversion, all the transitions that you carefully tuned in PowerPoint will work.

Video and Audio
Any video and audio format that can play on your system will be converted withPPT2Web. You can also fine-tune the size and quality of your video and audio to optimize download or streaming speed.

Tables, Charts, and Shapes
PPT2Web precisely retains formatting, and positioning for tables, charts, and shapes, as well as their geometry and sharpness, keeping their vector representation in online formats.

Image Quality
PPT2Web cannot improve the quality of your images, but it definitely will not decrease it. All images that you select to insert in your presentation will stay crystal clear after conversion.

Text Formatting and Effects
All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your online presentation after processing with PPT2Web.

RTL Languages
Hebrew, Arabic, and other RTL presentation developers can rely onPPT2Web technologies.PPT2Web supports a huge variety of languages.

Hyperlinks and Buttons
Hyperlinks and buttons add a lot of interactivity to your presentations. Feel free to use them: PPT2Web will transfer all their functionality to Flash or HTML5.

SmartArt Objects
Complex SmartArt objects on your slides will keep their appearance and clarity on any device after being converted with PPT2Web to online formats.

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