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Converting Powerpoint Files

Converting PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint has become a very powerful tool for various purposes and for business it has some very powerful benefits. With its latest upgrades there are plenty of things that can be done using PowerPoint for business and for personal use as well. If you are wondering about converting your PowerPoint files and sending it to another person or company and do not want any of your information to be edited, then you can easily covert your presentation into any format that you want. One of the most popular format is considered to be PDF and let us learn on how to convert your presentation into PDF file format.

Converting your presentation into other formats

It is very easy to convert your PowerPoint presentation into other formats, especially into PDF as its very commonly used format in both business and personal sector. You can find lots of programs that would be able to help you convert your presentation but one of the best you can find on the market is considered to be adobe acrobat. You would be able to convert your presentation very easily and it would take very less time to convert it as well. Though you can find plenty of third party applications, most of them would require purchase and few would leave watermark after conversion. But adobe acrobat is free to use and you can convert your file very easily.

How to convert your presentation using tools

When you are using a powerful tool such as adobe acrobat, you would have to open the application. Then you need to click File from its menu bar. You would get a drop down list. And from there you can choose covert. Now you would be provided with a new pop up window, asking for the selection of the presentation file location. In the same window, you can choose the format to which your file must be converted into. You can click on the formats and a drop down list would open providing you with a list of options with formats to choose from. You can choose the one that you need and then select it. Now you need to provide the destination for the converted file to be stored in your computer. Once it’s selected all you need to do is hit covert button that you are going to find on the same pop up window.

The selected presentation would be converted into the format you want at the location that you have selected.