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How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into an Elearning Course

How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation into an ELearning Course

One among the major requirements on the market by many organizations would be to convert their PowerPoint presentations into an effective eLearning course. But there are different type of presentations that would be required for conversion and each of the types would require a considerable amount of time in order to be converted completely. For instance, if the presentation that has to be converted is created in order to provide a great level of support during live interactions with the learners then it would not be so easily converted with just a mere click. In order to convert such type of interactive eLearning courses, one must follow some of the basic instructional design strategies of eLearning.

Converting the presentations using tools

With the incorporation of such type of learning design principles, you must get some good support from images, audio, interactivities and video along with other media elements. Hence there is a demand for using a rapid authoring tool that can facilitate incorporation of such type of elements into the courses that you want without having any knowledge of programing. However, there are some very popular type of tools on the market that can help you covert your PowerPoint presentation into an effective eLearning course as per the requirements that you have in mind. Let us go through each one of them and understand what you can get from them precisely with conversion.

Articulate storyline:

This tools is used when there is a requirement of converting any PowerPoint presentation into an interactive as well as visual rich course for eLearning to be completed within a short period. There are many features that can be used to make the courses very much interactive as well. There are some very useful templates and features that can make the process of conversion into an effective eLearning course easy. Hence it’s considered to be an ideal choice for many eLearning developers on the market.

Articulate studio 13

This tool would provide an option for users to add engaging interactivities, flash videos, interactive quizzes, screencasts and animations into the presentations. Using this tool, we are able to develop the desired type of course directly in PowerPoint by making use of this tool.

Adobe presenter

It another mesmerizing and popular authoring tool that can make the process of conversion from presentation into an interactive eLearning course very easily. There are wide range of assessments of interactive designs that can be used with this tool.


You can use any of these tools and get the desired type of eLearning course with interactivities as well.