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Power point tips and tricks

Power point tips and tricks

Power point presentations are widely used by professionals and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the career graph of many professionals have been determined by the quality of their presentation. Teachers and professors also use PowerPoint presentations for lectures to make their classes more effective in imparting knowledge to the students. Business men also use PowerPoint presentations to impress their clients regarding various business proposals. There are some tricks and tips which can be used to enhance the quality of a PowerPoint presentation and make it stand out among others.

Some tips to enhance the PowerPoint presentation

There is a misconception among many people that the stock slide size is the only standard option. This is not the case because there is an option of creating custom sized slides. The ways comprise of opening the file, choosing page setup, typing the height and width which one wants in inches or pixels and finally clicking ok to get the desired slide size.

The stock templates may not according to the choice of many people. A custom slide that can be used as a template can be created using a master editor. The method includes selecting the themes tab, clicking edit master on the far right side followed by the slide master. The template is edited according to choice prior to clicking close master. This will alter all the current and future slides to the slide created and customize the PowerPoint presentation according to one’s liking and choice.

Formatting the image on the presentation which imparts luster to a plain image is possible. Right clicking on the image and selecting format option will result in the appearance of a box on the right hand side consisting of formatting options. One can do anything with the picture to turn it into a more interesting picture. The graphics can be aligned easily using the built in features. In order to do this all one needs to do is select the objects by clicking on one and pressing shift to select all of them. At the top, one needs to find and click ‘align’, it may also be named ‘distribute’. Finally, whatever alignment is required can be chosen.

Custom animation can be created. The process involves going to the animation tab, clicking on the down arrow in the animation gallery box until the custom path is visible. After selecting custom path, the new animation can be drawn and tested. If one masters this process, there is no need to use the standard animations.