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Why PowerPoint is the right choice for learning

Why PowerPoint is the right choice for learning

PowerPoint has been used effectively in the classroom by teachers for some time now. PowerPoint enables the teacher to make the lessons more interesting and easy for the students to understand by allowing presentations which are much more modern and effective than the conventional blackboard teaching.

Why it is popular?

PowerPoint has become very popular for learning because of it is widely available and a tool for easy learning. It provides the options of fortifying the lessons with images, animations, sounds, videos and many more such things. As it is well known that visual lessons are easier to grasp for the students, the PowerPoint presentations of the various topics are beneficial for them. The teacher can freely interact with the students because no time is wasted on writing on the blackboard. The PowerPoint file contains the entire text and presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are not merely confined to teachers. The students also create their own presentations which not only enhances their public speaking abilities but also teaches them the ways to use visual aids.

There is no complex way to learn PowerPoint. The program comes with a tutorial. This is accessed by clicking the help part of the tool box. The cyber world is also replete with many articles where many nuances of PowerPoint can be easily learnt. There are many websites which offer complete tutorials for using PowerPoint. There are also many websites where one can get access to many types of pictures, videos and sounds for free. Microsoft also offers a free PowerPoint viewer which enable the users to view presentations made on any computer in the past many years.

Many school buy the cheaper version of the PowerPoint software but Microsoft offers reduced price to the educational institutes who buy multiple copies of the software.

Blackboards have always been the dominant tool of teaching over the decades but the modern tools of learning such as PowerPoint are the best for enhancing the learning ability of the students. The technology invested in PowerPoint is beneficial for the students. This is not to say that the traditional methods of teaching and the skills of a teacher have been rendered irrelevant. A teacher should not become complacent due to the presence of technology. PowerPoint can only aid the teacher and students but cannot replace the methods of teaching that have evolved over centuries. Technology like PowerPoint, however have brought a paradigm shift in the classroom.