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How to be more successful using PowerPoint

How to be more successful using PowerPoint

A staggering amount of PowerPoint presentations are made every year. There are many such presentations which are tagged ‘boring’ which does not impress the audience and can become a serious deterrent to a successful career especially for professionals who have to constantly present their ideas and work in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Everyone wants their presentation to be more interesting which engages the attention of the audience, precise without beating about the bush and effective in communicating the message that one wants to get through to the people. There are many ways by which one can become very successful by the virtue of creating fabulous presentations.

Different ways to an effective PowerPoint presentation

The first thing to consider prior to creating the presentation is the age, occupation, income and the type of people for whom the presentation is being created. This will help in making the presentation more effective. The message should be designed in such a way that it is easily understandable. The main components of such a message are specificity of the message, measurable, achievable, realistic and time driven. Elaborate presentation which does not seem to be realistic should be avoided at all costs. The message should be simple and should let the audience know its core meaning in a single phrase. The message should always be backed by evidence. The most important features of the presentation should be understood by everyone.

The presentation should be sub-divided into three constituents just like an English essay. The introduction should deal with the aim of the presentation, the reason of its validity and the benefits of the solution which the presentation presents to the audience. The body should consist of the core message followed by the key sub-messages which are backed by evidence. Every sub-message should be assigned a separate slide. The ending should exhort the audience to do exactly as the presentation has suggested and the benefits associated with it.

The layout to convey the message should be clean so that nobody has any difficulty in grasping the meaning of the message. There should be a good balance between text and visuals. The colors and fonts used should relevant to the company and the message being conveyed. The slides should not become too long to confuse the audience. They should be short and precisely on target.

There are many other ways of becoming highly successful by judicious and effective use of PowerPoint presentation.