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Transform Powerpoint Presentations into E-learning

Transform Powerpoint Presentations into E-learning

Throughout our academic career we give away deliverables in the form of powerpoint presentations which is usually pulled off by hours of our effort of research and tiresome decorations to make our presentation elegant, informative and yet concise. The day after we are done with our presentation, the knowledge incorporated in the presentation finds its graveyard in whatever the folder of our computer it resides in. On the contrary, the multitude of options present in the contemporary world has a wide range of scenarios to offer . The most powerful option available is to transform our powerpoint presentations into an e-learning course. Whatever knowledge that has been integrated in our presentation can be imparted to those who are yearning to gain the same . The road of transforming our powerpoint presentations into e-learning courses will help with narrowing the distances between the imparter and the gainer.

Tips for transformation into an interactive e-learning course?

We can always start by gathering all the presentations available with us beforehand. Once we are done assembling, editing of our presentations has the largest role to play once the transformation will happen. The interactivity, crispiness and effectiveness of our e-learning course will largely be manipulated in terms of the approach of our editing of the presentation. Measures like encompassing real life examples and scenarios, questions in the form which can be self evaluated and arranging the contents of the presentation in proper sequence which will facilitate quick learning should be the pre-requisite condition with the creators of the presentation such that the transformed e-learning course comes out handy. Additionally, an overview of the contents can be installed which can offer the learners with the flexibility to navigate through the course at their pleasure. Each and every slide of the presentation should be aimed at increasing the interactivity of the learner with the e-learning course.

A wide array of automated online tools are available to carry out this process of transformation with minimal effort. The powerpoint presentations should be designed in a manner such that the output is overwhelming for the learner and allow the knowledge to triumph at the end of every day by sharing it with those in need of it. The dimensions of this approach are unparalleled as sky is the limit to the range of knowledge which can be offered and imparted with this methodology.Change is the law of nature and adaptability is the art of survival. Embracing this new age of technology of e-learning is the calling change and to endure with this approach is adaptability.