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How to use powerpoint on your mobile device

How to use PowerPoint on your mobile device

With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, now you can use your mobile phones as a source to carry out your presentations very easily. You can open any of your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and then make the changes as per your requirement very easily. You can also add any notes that you want in your slideshow right from using your smartphone. If there is any presentations that are broadcasted online, then you can watch it online from your mobile device as well. You just need to visit office hub in order to get started with it.

Let us learn how to use an existing PowerPoint presentation

  • You need to scroll to your screen where you can find office app and then start it. Next you need to do the follow procedure.
  • You must flick to the document that has to be opened and then tap on the presentation.
  • Now you need to flick to the documents and then click on search box. Within the text bar of the search box, you need to type the name of the presentation that has to be opened. It would show the result and then you can tap on it to open it.
  • Now you need to flick to the locations, just do a gentle tap on the locations to the section of the storage where you are storing the presentation and then you need to tap on the presentation. It will be within your phone storage such as Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive or on a Microsoft SharePoint website.

If you want to add any notes inside a presentation here is the procedure:

You can open the presentation from any of the storage sources such as OneDrive etc… That is set up on your phone. You can also open a presentation that has been sent by someone via email as well. Now when you have opened the presentation, you can tap on notes from within the app and then enter the notes that you want to add to the presentation. However, there are some features that would not be supported on phone and that would be displayed in a different manner.

If you want any presentation to be accessed very quickly, then you can easily pin the presentation to the start. Just open the document and hold on the presentation, you would get options to choose and there you can choose Pin to start and it would be added onto you start of the phone for easy access.